Coach Fisher coached Elijah to help him meet his personal goal of being able to one day have the opportunity to play QB on a Division 1 college football team.  Today is that day for Elijah.  He leaves Springboro High School to go to Bowling Green State University to play for Coach Padron at Doyt Stadium.  It is bittersweet as a parent because one of the factors that allowed him to move on to the next level was Coach Fisher.  Since the 6th grade, Mike has cultivated his skills as a QB, taught him lessons from his failures by providing feedback from his mistakes, to praises when he was faced with a difficult situation where he showed perseverance and resiliency. From the technical skills needed to be a great QB & the attitude Mike taught Elijah, “You are not quite there….YET but with more practice you will be.” I thank Coach Fisher.  I thank him for his coaching, instruction, sacrifices and mostly for being such a positive influence in my son’s life and helping him be a good QB and better young man.  Elijah is still not quite there YET but because of Coach Fisher and his mastery of QB instruction, time, effort, sacrifices and love that he shows for what he does, I know Elijah will continue to grow because of the seeds that Coach Fisher has planted.  I’m excited to watch all the players he continues to develop to not only be the best quarterback but help all those young QB’s achieve their goals.

Heather Cunningham