mikeTriton Quarterback Academy is Dayton’s and the surrounding areas premier quarterback training program.  Triton’s philosophy is to provide instruction to help each player reach his potential both on and off the field.

Our goal is that each quarterback that trains with us will be prepared to compete for the starting job at his school, we also believe the confidence they obtain here will transfer into not only the classroom but their lives as well. Each quarterback will receive training on the proper techniques of throwing the football from the ground up.

At Triton we believe the base of the quarterback is so important to get the most out of your throw that our drills and teaching emphasize this idea. Each quarterback will understand how and why each body part plays a role in the throwing of a football.

At Triton we believe the position of quarterback is the most important position on the field, each session is designed with this in mind, and therefore the drills are taught and then executed at game speed. A typical session will include instruction on throwing mechanics, footwork, pocket awareness and other skills associated with playing the position.