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Congrats on all your hard work Elijah

With all the turmoil in college football with head coaches leaving for other jobs it can put a lot of stress on high school seniors who have committed to colleges and universities prior to their senior year.

This is exactly what Triton QB Academy Senior QB Elijah Cunningham did when he pledged his commitment to Bowling Green State University.  Just recently Dino Babers was named the new coach at Syracuse University and Elijah was not sure what would happen.

The new staff just recently made a home visit to Elijah’s house and you can see by his face in this picture he and the new staff led by Mike Jinks are fully committed to playing #FalconFast.

Congrats on all your hard work Elijah, we always said it would payoff for you back in the 7th grade when we started working together and we are so happy to see it paying off. Good luck next year.  

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